PPP & MQM again making fool to the public of pakistan

Karachi: The governing party PPP and MQM were on both edges of the canal,but finally the ongoing drama comes to an end which only resulted in making fool the people of pakistan.....According to express news ,The Governor sindh's post is again retained by ISHRAT-UL-IBAAD (MQM) ,the ex-governor which left his chair after the departure of MQM from national government.

The political sources were already making announcements that Governor sindh will re-join again but public was not sure after the incidents of killings in Karachi.Yesterday ,in evening a special airbus was sent to dubai to bring back Doctor ISHRAT-UL-IBAAD to take charge of sindh again.all was done after a phone call by president zardari to MQM's commander in chief altaf hussain..However Rest of the MQM will remain in opposition benches.

Most of the critics say that it is a joke to the souls of all dead in Karachi incidents.people were murdered by killers of PPP and MQM.

No body is sure in pakistan which way the camel of politics will sit and such incidents promote unexpectations.
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Obama calls on Congress to ‘seize the moment’ on debt talks

President Obama with new immediacy today reiterated his call for a sweeping plan to deal with the nation's long-term debt problems. He warned GOP lawmakers that time is running out on a deal that would prevent the U.S. from defaulting on its financial obligations.
In his second news conference this week on the issue, Obama called on lawmakers to give him a "serious" plan to raise the debt ceiling within the next 24 or 36 hours. But he emphasized the need for Congress to "put politics aside" and tackle an "ambitious" solution to the nation's deficit problems--not just a quick fix.
"We have a unique opportunity to do something big," Obama said. "We have a chance to stabilize America's finances for a decade, for 15 or 20 years, if we are willing to seize the moment."

But the president acknowledged it would be "tough" to get Democrats and Republicans to agree on a significant proposal before Aug. 2, when the Treasury Department says the U.S. will begin defaulting on its more than $14 trillion debt. Obama warned that if nothing is done, Americans could be facing financial catastrophe, including more job loss and potentially higher interest rates, which he described as "effectively a tax increase on everybody."
"This is not some abstract issue," he warned. "Congress has run up the credit card and we now have an obligation to pay our bills."
As he did earlier this week, Obama insisted he's willing to break with his party and pursue cuts to entitlement programs like Social Security and Medicare--though he insisted current beneficiaries wouldn't be affected. Asked specifically if he's willing to raise the retirement age, as some reports have suggested, Obama declined to say.
The president also pushed back on reports that the daily negotiations between him and GOP lawmakers have been contentious, dismissing it as a "reality TV" scenario with no basis in reality. He said the talks have been "constructive."
"The notion that things have gotten ugly is just not true," he said.  "We've been meeting everyday…The American people aren't worried about whose feelings got hurt."
Obama called on Republicans to honor the "will" of the country, pointing to polls that show a majority of Americans, Republicans included, would accept a debt and deficit deal that includes a mix of spending cuts and tax increases on the wealthy.
"The American people are sold," Obama declared. "The problem is that members of Congress are dug in ideologically."
He insisted Congress should "do the right thing" and pursue "the will of the American people."
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USA cut aid of Rs $500 million.Foreign office

ISLAMABAD: Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Hina Rabbani Khar said Friday that,America has cut aid due to trainer's sending out of pakistan
She made this statement while briefing the senate’s standing committee on foreign affairs. The meeting of the standing committee was held at the Parliament house and was chaired by Senator Saleem Saifullah. The standing committee was briefed by Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, Foreign Secretary Salman Bashir and other officials. The standing committee directed the Foreign Ministry officials to ensure that dialogue with India be result oriented.

On Thursday New Delhi said that talks between the foreign ministers of India and Pakistan would take place as planned at the end of July despite the triple blasts in Mumbai.

Pak-US relations:

The senate standing committee on foreign affairs stated that the use of Shamshi air base should not be allowed for any other country. The ministry officials told the standing committee that $500 million out of $800 million in aid was stopped by the US following the decision to send American trainers back adding that talks were underway over the release of $300 million under the coalition support fund. The standing committee also directed that an investigation be conducted in regards to American trainers.

Relations between Pakistan and the US have been on a downward spiral since the Raymond Davis saga in January and were further strained when US special forces killed Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden in a secret raid in Abbottabad.

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The Insight of Pakistan current Affairs: Analysis Report

A favorite columnist of Pakistan (from express news) has revealed certain facts of Pakistan’s current affairs. According to him, Pakistan’s current situation is going bitter day by day. Pakistan is suffering from different problems like Power crises, declining economy, poverty, terrorism, Shortage of commodities, escalation of prices and most importantly poor governess.

The report raises curtains from Pakistan politics also. According to which, the Karachi situation is created by the government itself to postpone the election which were due on departure of MQM for the government. While on the other hand MQM is also involved in killings as proved by the statements of Zulfiqar Mirza, the ex-interior minister of Sindh. MQM is trying to collect the votes of sympathy by showing that they are being murdered due to ejection from the government. While in all this the poor people of Karachi are effecties.

The leading party like PMLQ and PMLN has so far taken a stance which shows no involvement of these two parties in the current political atmosphere. No Body amongst the political leadership is worried about Power crises, declining economy, poverty, terrorism, Shortage of commodities, escalation of prices. People of Pakistan are looking for a mercy of GOD in the said situation.

The happenings inside Pakistan have great impacts on the mental state of its citizen. Due to Power crises the people can’t even have a sound sleep, their business activities have been almost gone to 30% which is resulting in overall decline of economy. The children are becoming rude. The entire life of the people is in trouble due to load shedding.

The other substance which is adding difficulties to Pakistan is the support of America in the past. Now a day’s although Pakistani government is trying to re-establish the minds of people, but people still think America as their biggest enemy. People of Pakistan don’t ever consider Americans their friend. Most of the country men say that America wants to deprive Pakistan of its nuclear weapons. The all current problems of Pakistan are created by America. A slow poison is being injected to the Pakistanis. America is doing a cold war against Pakistan, but Pakistani leaders are not capable of eyeing America’s eyes.

The corruption is at its top level right from the day when PPP took over the government. The president of Pakistan is well known as Mr. 10%, what can be said about other authorities? The prime minister is just a rubber stamp. He has no thinking power, but a yes sir man in the language of the army. Every political party is trying to prove other parties as corrupt, but no parties are behind the other in meanness, corruption, and giving statements about the others.

In the last 4 years PPP’s government has done only fancy things which do not impact ordinary people’s life. People want jobs, they want corruption to be finished, they want electricity, they want America out of Pakistan, they want to have progress but PPP is doing things like 18th amendment, not implementing supreme court’s orders, allotting seats to corrupt people in different departments, raising prices weekly, not eying the increasing load shedding, not able to stop bomb blasts, doing meetings with other parties for next elections, and making false statements.
People of Pakistan are fighting for their lives to fill their needs, their children’s food, and their commodities, which are now a day seems to be worth missing.
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Muhammad Amir ,the fast bowler could face an extension to his ban: source

ISLAMABAD: Banned Pakistan fast-bowler Mohammad Amir faces the possibility of an extension on his suspension after breaching his suspension, sources in the International Cricket Council (ICC) revealed.
Amir breached his ban by playing for Addington 1743, a village team in England, a clear violation of the terms and conditions of his ban, which makes it compulsory for him not to take part in any cricket event sanctioned by the ICC or its affiliate member boards.
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Govt to probe Bugti’s killing

QUETTA: Information Minister Firdous Ashiq Awan said Wednesday that federal cabinet meeting has decided to set up a judicial commission headed by a judge of the Supreme Court to conduct probe into the killing of veteran Baloch leader, Nawab Akbar Bugti.
Addressing a press conference after the meeting, Awan said: “Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani and the federal cabinet took decision that a judicial commission headed by judge of the Supreme Court will investigate the killing of Nawab Akbar Bugti”.
She said that the premier has also directed to recruit with immediate effect over 6700 posts of the federal government on Balochistan quota.
“The prime minister has ordered that a selection board will conduct test and walk in interviews of the recruitment process within one day in Quetta after an advertisement through newspapers,” she said.
Awan said that the step would give a message to the Balochistan’s youth that government was serious in addressing their problems.
She said that under the devolution plan, the federal government had devolved several departments including health, education, environment, sports, women development, food and agriculture and this would help create more job opportunities in Balochistan.
The minister said that the meeting reviewed one-point agenda of development in connection with implementation of Aghaz-e- Haqooq-e-Balochistan Package.
Awan said that about 65 per cent points of the package have been implemented while the work for implementing the remaining points was in progress.
The minister said the government was taking measures to ensure security and protection to life and property of people of Balochistan by improving law and order.
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Obama slams ‘outrageous’ Mumbai attacks

WASHINGTON: US President Barack Obama Wednesday condemned the “outrageous” attacks in Mumbai after three simultaneous blasts left at least 20 people dead and 113 injured in the Indian port city.
“I strongly condemn the outrageous attacks in Mumbai,” Obama said, according to his spokesman Jay Carney, after the deadliest attack on India’s commercial capital since the traumatic 2008 assault by militants.
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Phone-hacking: US senator calls for News Corp probe

A key US senator has called for an investigation into whether reported hacking by News Corporation targeted any US citizens.
Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller said the authorities should consider whether journalists working for the media giant had broken US law.
He warned of "serious consequences" should that be found to be the case.
The 168-year-old News of the World shut down on Sunday after numerous accusations of phone hacking.
Other papers owned by Rupert Murdoch have faced similar allegations.
Mr Rockefeller, a Democrat, was the first major voice in the US Congress to call for an investigation into the scandal, which has gripped Britain.
The BBC's Steve Kingstone in Washington says these are the first signs that the hacking story is extending across the Atlantic.
'Breach of ethics' In a written statement, Mr Rockefeller said he was concerned that hacking by News Corporation journalists may have extended to American targets, including victims of the 11 September attacks.
He did not present any evidence to support that claim, but called on the authorities to look into any possible wrong-doing.
"I encourage the appropriate agencies to investigate to ensure that Americans have not had their privacy violated," he said.
"The reported hacking by News Corporation newspapers against a range of individuals - including children - is offensive and a serious breach of journalistic ethics. This raises serious questions about whether the company has broken US law," he said.
Mr Murdoch's American assets include Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, the New York Post and Harper Collins publishers.
Parliamentary motion In the UK, News Corporation has been under mounting pressure to scrap its bid to fully takeover TV giant BSkyB - in which it already owns a 39.1% share - since new phone-hacking allegations about the News of the World emerged last week.
Later on Wednesday, British MPs will be asked to vote on a Labour Party motion that "this House believes that it is in the public interest for Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation to withdraw its bid for BSkyB".
Prime Minister David Cameron is also expected to make a statement to MPs on the nature of an inquiry into the hacking allegations.
Mr Murdoch has now been asked to appear in front of British MPs to answer questions on the issue, while police on Tuesday accused his newspapers of blocking their original investigations in 2006.
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Another US drone strike kills eight in North Waziristan

MIRANSHAH: At least eight more people were killed in a new US drone strike on Tuesday in North Waziristan near the Afghan border, Geo News reported.

The strike, which was the third since Monday night, took place in New Adda area, 35 kilometres (21 miles) west of Miranshah, the main town in North Waziristan tribal district.

US drones fired four missiles targeting a vehicle and an adjacent compound, killing eight people. Two missiles each were fired on the vehicle and the compound.

The death toll in three US drone strikes both in North and South Waziristan has reached 31.
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Younger brother of Afghan president killed: officials

KANDAHAR: Ahmed Wali Karzai, the younger brother of the Afghan president and a powerful figure in the deeply troubled southern province of Kandahar, was assassinated on Tuesday, officials said.

Initial details were sketchy, but a family friend, speaking on condition of anonymity, told that Wali Karzai had been killed by a bodyguard while entertaining guests at home.

"We can confirm he has been martyred," Kandahar provincial government spokesman Zalmay Ayubi told providing no further details.

A health official, also speaking on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the information, said Wali Karzai had been shot dead.

The assassination came as Afghan President Hamid Karzai was to hold talks with French President Nicolas Sarkozy, on a surprise visit to Afghanistan where he announced that Paris would recall 1,000 soldiers by the end of next year.

Wali Karzai, head of Kandahar's provincial council, was long a deeply controversial figure in Afghanistan, dogged by allegations of unsavoury links to Afghanistan's lucrative opium trade and private security firms.

American documents leaked by Internet whistleblower WikiLeaks late last year also painted him as a corrupt drugs baron, but Western officials always kept quiet in public on the president's younger half brother's tainted record. (AFP)

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Four killed, six injured in Karachi violence

KARACHI: Killing in Oragni Town, Qasba Colony and Kati Pahari has stopped, however in Lyari and other areas of the Old city, the police are rendered powerless, Rangers are nowhere to be found and the areas are being controlled by miscreants. Four people have been killed while six others injured and business activity has all but gone dead in these areas.

The wave of violence in the city has now shifted to Lyari and other areas of the old city. Residents of these areas are under threat from miscreants who are firing from bunkers and are using hand grenades. The violence escalated when a body was discovered in Kharadar leading to an exchange of fire between two groups which led to the closure of several markets in the city. Residents protested against the violence in Karachi and shut down Mari Pur road resulting in major traffic jams in nearby areas.
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Owen Hargreaves attracts interest from West Brom

West Bromwich Albion are the latest club to show interest in former England midfielder Owen Hargreaves following his release by Manchester United.

BBC Sport understands the Baggies have made contact with Hargreaves' representatives but any potential future deal is at a very early stage.Leicester boss Sven-Goran Eriksson, who managed the 30-year-old with England, is also exploring a possible deal.

Hargreaves is without a club after the end of his Old Trafford career.Hargreaves has attempted to prove his fitness by posting videos on YouTube to attract clubs after only playing 39 games during his four years at United following a £17m move from Bayern Munich.Albion manager Roy Hodgson is an admirer of Hargreaves and is ready to explore the possibility of doing a deal depending on his fitness. 

Any deal for Hargreaves, wherever he restarts his career, is likely to be on a pay-as-you-play basis but Albion have not got as far as discussing any possible structure for a transfer after registering their interest.The Canadian-born midfielder won four German titles and a Champions League winners' medal at Bayern Munich and played in United's Champions League win against Chelsea in Moscow in 2008.
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Supporters of Syrian President Assad attack US embassy

Supporters of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad have attacked the US embassy compound in Damascus, diplomats say.
Earlier, security guards at the French embassy fired into the air to drive back a crowd of Assad loyalists.
The protests come days after the US and French ambassadors visited the central city of Hama, where a massive anti-government rally was held on Friday.
They also coincide with a government-organised dialogue conference which many opposition leaders are boycotting.
The meeting is discussing possible political reforms, which the government hope will bring an end to the four-month-old uprising.
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Fifth one-day international, Old Trafford England 268-9 (50 overs) beat Sri Lanka 252 all out (48.2 overs) by 16 runs

England survived a superb Sri Lanka fightback to win the fifth one-day international by 16 runs at Old Trafford and take the series 3-2.
When England posted 268-9 on what was expected to be a difficult batting track, it made them big favourites.
Sri Lanka slipped to 29-3 in reply but a brilliant partnership between Jeevan Mendis and Angelo Mathews threatened to turn the game on its head.
But Mendis fell for 48 and Mathews 62 as England edged to victory.
It was a gripping finale to a series which had seen both sides pick up a brace of easy wins apiece to leave matters tied at 2-2 going into the game at a new-look Old Trafford.
The square has been rotated by 90 degrees as part of the redevelopment of the ground and with it due to be properly relaid this winter the wicket was expected to be slow and grippy, favouring Sri Lanka's spinners.
In the event as the game wore on it became increasingly even paced and Mendis and Mathews made batting look easy before the high run rate, resulting from the failure of the tourists' top order, finally took its toll.
England won the toss and got off to a flyer as Craig Kieswetter and Alastair Cook rattled along at more than seven an over until the batting power play was taken in the 13th over.
Then, as happens so often with England, there was a flurry of wickets rather than a continuing flow of runs.
Cook advanced down the pitch and was comfortably stumped as Suraj Randiv, who was to end with 5-42, found substantial turn, and four balls later Kieswetter was bowled by Dhammika Prasad for a run-a-ball 43.
When Kevin Pietersen soon followed, England's promising start was in danger of going up in smoke, but Jonathan Trott and Eoin Morgan set about re-establishing control.
They put on an untroubled partnership of 118 off 124 balls until Morgan advanced down the pitch and was stumped for a 60-ball 57 to spark another clatter of wickets.
Trott's immensely composed innings of 72 off 87 balls then came to an end as he bottom edged the ball on to his stumps via his pads.
England threatened to subside towards the end of their innings, but a late flurry from Anderson lifted them to 268-9, a total TMS analyst Michael Vaughan described as "about 30 or 40 above par".
Sri Lanka needed a solid start but they were soon in trouble as Tim Bresnan made early inroads, removing Dimuth Karunaratne and the dangerous Tillakaratne Dilshan.
When Mahela Jayawardene lofted a drive off Jimmy Anderson to an exultant Cook at mid-off, the tourists were 29-3.
With well over 200 required from just over 40 overs they needed a major partnership to have any chance and Dinesh Chandimal and Kumar Sangakkara set about repairing the damage.
Chandimal, 21, was the aggressor, but he chanced his arm against Swann once too often and was stumped for 54, having put on 94 with Sangakkara.
When Sangakkara chopped Bresnan on to his stumps for 48 three overs later the writing was on the wall, but Mendis and Matthews kept the tourists alive with a battling partnership.
Entering the final 10 overs they needed 73 but Mendis finally holed out off Samit Patel in the 46th over.
That just left Mathews and the tail. With wickets tumbling the all-rounder decided he had to try and win it on his own.
A couple of glorious fours over extra cover had both sets of fans on the edge of their seats but with two overs remaining Jade Dernbach produced a sublime slower ball which Mathews could only spoon to third man, and with him went Sri Lanka's hopes.
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Karachi:The atmosphere of threat reduced to great extent after operation

Karachi:The Wind of terror and the threats of killing has been largely reduced in the metropolitan city after security forces operations.

according to bbc news :the ongoing wave of terror and threats of killing reduced to great extent after the recent operations of security forces in the region.The public transport has been started to its normal,and people have been seen emerging out of houses for their work.

The business activities have been started again in maximum areas and work is returning to its normal after a gap of 5 days.However last night security forces have to face resistance in the most vulnerable areas like Qasba,Orangi town and others before entry.

the Recent incidents of karachi have taken almost 100 lives and many injured,but forces have procured the state once again.
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Small tsunami reaches Japan after strong quake

TOKYO: A small tsunami reached the Pacific coast of northern Japan Sunday after a strong quake hit the region heavily damaged by the March earthquake and tsunami, the Japan Meteorological Agency said.

The port town of Ofunato, Iwate prefecture, saw a 10-centimetre (four-inch) tsunami at 10:44 am (0144 GMT), the agency said.

The agency issued a tsunami advisory for Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures after a 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck off the main island of Honshu at 09:57 am (0057 GMT). No damage has been reported from the tsunami and quake.

Television footage of the port in Ofunato did not show any visible sign of the tsunami, with the water surface seemingly calm and flat.

The agency issued the tsunami advisory shortly after the offshore quake in the same general area as the 9.0-magnitude quake of March 11 which triggered a massive tsunami.

The US Geological Agency, which also estimated the magnitude at 7.1, said the offshore quake hit at a depth of 10 kilometres (6.2 miles).

Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) said it had not received reports of any fresh problems at the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant after the latest earthquake. "We are still checking details, but cooling of reactors is continuing," a TEPCO spokeswoman said.

But the company told work crews near the water to seek higher ground due to the tsunami advisory.

The Japanese weather agency expected a small tsunami of up to 50 centimetres (20 inches) along the affected region. Communities along the Pacific coast issued warnings and advisories for local residents to seek higher ground but no damage had been reported shortly after the quake. (AFP)
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The Ranger's Operation lowered the Killings In karachi

Karachi:Due To the Rangers's& agencies operation,terrorist activity has been reduced in the areas of the city, Geo News reported. However, situation in Orangi Town and Baldia is not still settelled where three more people were killed on Saturday.

Orangi Town, Baldia and old city and nearby areas have been under a great threat of violence for the past five days residents of these areas had to experience threats of their lives.

Terrorists were using rockets and hand grenades to threat the people and make damage.more than 100 people have been killed in this wave of violence.

After remaining silent for four days, security agencies took action Friday night. This led to an improvement in Orangi Town, Kati Pahari, Qasba Colony, Aligarh Colony, Banaras Colony, Baldia and other areas.

terrorist activity has been reported lowered from these areas but the situation still remains unsuitable.
In PIB Colony which is located near the central jail, two people were killed due to firing. The rangers and police have taken several people into custody during operations.

In Qasba Colony a bullet riddled body was found and six including four members of a family were injured due to firing.
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Rehman Malik Meets PEER paghara in his Kingri house:karachi

Karachi: Interior Minister of pakistan Rehman Malik meets MLF's president PEER pagara  Kingri house on Saturday:

according to Geo News,Rehman Malik visited Kingri house to meet Famous PEER pagara(President MLF) to discuss the current situation of karachi and the rest political situation of the country.The meeting continued for at least 2 hours.Talking to the Media ,in a press conference after the meeting,  PEER pagara said that Rehman Malik needs advice from the president of pakistan,not from me.

He also said that now the time is not suitable to discuss PPP's remaing 18 months,its a time to take serious action against militancy.We need to adhere the murders going on in karachi from last few months.PEER pagara also said that "ARMY IS MUST NOW TO TAKE HOLD OF KARACHI".He advised Rehman malik to give the the command and control of karachi in the hands of ARMY.

However rehman malik said that we are taking serious action by using the RANGERS.we have not Let away MQM from our partenership.but its democracy which has ups and downs.we are talking to MQM and we are hopefull that we will solve the matter.However anybody who is responsible for Ongoing killings in Karachi will be dealt swearly.

PEER pagara is considered to be very famous in pakistan politics and his views/perdictions are of Great importance amongst pakistan Politicians.
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Mike Mollen's Remarks are extremely ir-responsible,says Pakistan:BBC

BBC news: According to BBC news ,pakistan government has shown serious anger on mike mollen's remarks about journalist saleem shehzad's murder.Pakistan termed it as ir-responsible

The Top Official of America had said that "It seems that some of the pakistani officials has permitted agenices to saleem shehzad's murder" admiral Mike Mollen given these remarks during an address to Pentagone press association's journalists.However he added that he can not give any proof against ISI or any other agency's involvment in the said murder.

Pakistan Government seriously condemnd Mike Mollen's remarks
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11 killed as Karachi violence continues unabated

 KARACHI: Violence in the metropolis has claimed eleven more lives till Friday morning since midnight, Geo News reported. Miscreants attacked several houses with rockets and hurled hand grenades into residential area of Baldia Town, injuring four people including a woman and a child. Terror gripped the area after the attack.

Residents of these areas took to the streets and staged protest demonstration against the attacks. They said that law enforcement agencies have failed to control law and order situation.

Meanwhile, police conducted raids in these areas and held five suspects. Police also recovered weapons and motorcycle from the miscreants.

According to police sources, one man was killed in Iqbal Market of troubled Orangi Town while one was injured.

Firing incidents also took place in Dalmia, Kharadar, Baldia Town, killing three people while a child also lost his life in the firing incident.

Two persons were shot dead in Lee Market and North Karachi areas of Karachi while one was killed in Orangi No.10.

Several people were injured in indiscriminate firing incidents including one policeman in Quaidabad and Gulistan-e-Johar.

Miscreants have also burnt eight shops of Aligarh Market in Orangi Town early on Friday morning, president of Aligarh Market told Geo News.

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The Online Earning:Scams and Legal Ways:Report

Internet News: Now a days ,we here about lot of ways to earn money online.But most of the people get scammed by the money making websites.This all happens because nobody know where from the site operates?where is its owner?who is running the web?and against whome one can take a legal action if it goes scam.
A lot of frauds and internet scams are ongoing in the name of Paid to click sites,Investment sites (HYIP),money clubs,online surveys,Form filling,and ETC.people who want to earn online try their best to get something out of the internet hours but they scammed in the end.
how one should come to know that the website which i am going to join is legal?and i will get money surely.The answer to this question is very simple...
1.DO not get impressed by such programms/offers which say that make your money 400% or so on in one day.......
2.Paid to Click Sites/Bux sites are mostly scam......some sites even offer 1 dollar per click
3.Survey offers are often scams.......
4.Investment sites are mostly scam...
1.IF you want to start earning online....just once check the credibility of the website or the programme by writing in google and search by adding scam word with the web or programme.you will get an idea of the experinces of the other people of internet.and internet investigation teams.
2.If you are going to start Paid to Click ads visting on some website.then do not join such website without varifying from google search about its current status.
3.never join a ptc site which needs investment before cashout.or pays more than 1 cents per click.
4.try to join the PTC websites which are more than 6 months old and they are paying.
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Canada ends combat mission in Afghanistan

Commander of Canadian forces in Afghanistan,Brig.-Gen Dean Milner,declared the End of Canadian Participation during a ceremony marking the Canadian handover of forward fire base Masum Ghar to US forces in Panjwaii district in Kandahar province southern Afghanistan.

KANDAHAR: Thursday, closing the War after nine years and the death troops Appx 157 in number, Gen Dean Milner saying it was “extremely proud” of gains made against the Taliban.

The departure of nearly 3,000 troops, who took on some of the heaviest fighting in the southern province of Kandahar, comes as Western forces begin to announce gradual drawdowns of troops ahead of a full withdrawal in 2014.
After spending more than $11 billion dollars on the war and with popular support sapped at home, most of the nearly 3,000 Canadian soldiers, based mainly in the dangerous battleground of Kandahar, have packed up and gone home.
A change of command ceremony was held at Kandahar airfield to mark the formal end of combat operations, although hundreds of other troops are being sent to work in a training role in the Afghan capital.
Afghan, Canadian and American national anthems were played to a small group of soldiers from each country, before commanders addressed the crowd and formally handed control of the mission to the United States.
“Over the years Canadians, both military and civilian, have made the ultimate sacrifice,” Brigadier General Dean Milner, head of the Canadian combat mission, said in his speech to the assembled troops.
“All of these comrades would be proud to know of your accomplishments.”
“Although there is still work to do, (we) are extremely proud of what has been accomplished.”
Canadian soldiers first deployed to Afghanistan in early 2002, several months after a US-led invasion of the country to oust the Taliban in the wake of the September 11 attacks.
In recent weeks they have been completing their final patrols, packing up dusty outposts and gathering at the giant Kandahar airfield military base to debrief before starting to catch their flights home.
Britain is among other countries to have also announced partial troop withdrawals after nearly a decade of war, but the Canadians were the first major troop contributor to start sending forces home this year.
On Tuesday, Canada handed control of their last district to US forces in a flag-lowering ceremony, a key symbolic step in the drawdown process, although the Americans had been in place for weeks.
Last month, US President Barack Obama announced that he would withdraw 33,000 troops from Afghanistan by the end of 2012, while France and Belgium have joined Britain in stating that they will soon bring some soldiers home.
All foreign combat forces are due to leave by the end of 2014 and hand security to Afghan forces.
Canadian commanders insist they have made strong gains since they moved into Kandahar, the Taliban’s birthplace and one of the war’s fiercest hotspots.
Public opposition to the war in Canada has grown, with a poll earlier this year by Vision Critical/Angus Reid indicating that 63 per cent of Canadians opposed it, compared to 47 per cent in 2010.
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper first pledged in 2008 that troops would leave this year.
After US forces killed Osama bin Laden in Pakistan in May, he said he believed Afghanistan was “no longer a source of global terrorism.”
A separate Canadian training mission involving 950 troops will work in Kabul with Afghan security forces.
Canada will continue to aid Afghanistan, with its overall involvement between now and the end of 2014 expected to cost around US$700 million a year.
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NICL scandle: Supreme Court stops FIA official's Transfers

ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court (SC) has issued the orders to stop the transfer of four FIA officials and the inquiry against investigating officer, Zafar Qureshi, Geo News reported.

During proceedings in the NICL scandle, Chief Justice of pakistan Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry showed anger after listening reports and reasons behind Qureshi’s suspension published in local media and newspapers

In his remarks the Chief Justice said that why the courts orders were not followed and asked what was the fault of Zafar Qureshi’s . The Chief Justice added that six newspapers had stated that the decision to suspend Qureshi was made in a meeting between Prime Minister Gilani,  Pervez Elahi and Rehman Malilk ,and a retired Judge would investigate this and make the facts clear.CJ said that whats the drama going on in this regard?

Political leaders are interfering in the court matters, the Chief Justice remarked. He told the Attorney General that the investigation in the NICL scandle would be conducted and the money would be retrieved. The Chief Justice also instructed the DG FIA to stop the transfer of four officials who were investigating the case alongside Qureshi.
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MQM and PMLN again unite after degrading each other

ISLAMABAD: MQM and PML-N leaders meeting held on Wednesday and they decided that both parties would work together as a joint opposition in both National and Provincial assemblies on all national issues.
Raza Haroon, Waseem Akhtar Haider Abbs Rizvi represented the MQM in the meeting while Ishaq Dar, Saad Rafique Mushaidullah and Pervez Rashid represented PMLN
after the meeting a joint communiqué was read before the media , MQM's Haider Abbas Rizvi said that the two parties would work together on all national issues such as loadshedding, law and order, corruption, the political situation in the country,inflation,poverty ‘corrupt elections of Azad Kashmir, ‘excessive use of authority’ by the PPP government and boosting the business activity in the country

“It was decided for the national interest that the two parties would play a strong joint political role against PPP's government.

To a question, Ishaq Dar said Pakistan and India had fought three wars ‘so should we stop engaging in bilateral talks?’

He said there was no use talking about what happened in the past. “Now is the time to look forward,” he added.
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