Nirma Pakistani actress scandal

Nirma is a hot Pakistani actress having a lot of scandals.the latest Pakistani actress scandal has been in news where Lahore: Police on Sunday held 44 people including 13 girls and 31 boys for indulging in obscene activities in Lahore.This activity was arranged by NIRMA"this actress scandal is more hot than ever.This actress scandal is very true replica of NIRMA’s activities.

According to details,Chohang police raided Assad Guest House, located at Sher Shah Colony and arrested the girls and boys, who were fully drunk and busy in sexual activities.Sources said that those who were arrested also included  actress Nirma and 12 models.These actress scandals are off and on now.she is promoting sexual activities in Lahore rather than acting.

Some of the arrested Pakistani girls of this scandal were identified as Aisha, Tahira, Surayya,Madiha, Salma, Sadaf Akram, Rabia, Nourin, Shabana.While some of the boys were identified as Yasir Ali, Waqas, Imran Ashiq, Wasim Shehzad and Qaiser enjoying with scandal actress in the sex party and having fun there with drinks and sexy Pakistani girls.

Police said that a large quantity of liquor was  also seized during the raid, adding that most of the arrested boys and girls belongs to families of government officers, traders and industrialists.However, it is yet not clear the arrested boys and girls have been presented before any court of law or have been released due to their influence.This hot Pakistani actress is always producing a lot of actress scandals.  
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