Lindsay Lohan Involved in Sex Scandal:Four-Way Sex Scene Delicate

The Actress Sex always pleases the public.This time,Lindsay Lohan's Sex Scandal is leading the Actress Scandals as the scene is an Orgy Scene of Lindsay Lohan involving a four way sex.Lindsay Lohan’s The Canyon’s co-star James Deen was happy to give the actress extra attention during the orgy scene.The 26-year-old starlet stars alongside the porn star in the controversial Los Angeles noir movie directed by Paul Schrader.Lindsay was involved in a fully nude four-way sex scene with James in the picture.Check this Scene of Hot Actress below in details.
Everyone,including helmer Paul,felt awkward about filming on the day.The Times said there were a bunch of other porn stars there,but that’s not right,'James told Entertainment Weekly.It wasn’t like we were all having sex and an orgy in the bedroom!
During rehearsal,everyone was talking the scene to death.Schrader was so uncomfortable.I think the issue was every other [cast member] was so comfortable,it made Lindsay feel like she didn’t matter.
I think Lindsay wanted [the nudity] to be a bigger deal than it was.She needs attention.[She wanted the crew to be naked]and they just laughed.So Schrader is freaking out and then this is what actually happened:Schrader looked her in the eye and said,‘I’m not making my f**king crew do that.
But you know what?’strips his clothes off except for his socks,walks to the monitor,and says,‘Action.’And Lindsay ran out from the closet,giggling like crazy,and we shot the scene.One take.
Lindsay reportedly received a small fee for her role in the independent film.Her contract allegedly entitled her to earnings of $100 a day and an equal share of any profits from the feature,on the condition she has no decisive powers about how the movie was made.
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